Facesitting Fatties

Wonderful BBW FemDom (facesitting) XXX sex at – Facesitting Fatties
Melony – Horny BBW babe Melony sitting on this guy face
Facesitting Fatties - BBW Fem Dom at HQ XXX Sex

Facesitting fatty Melony Crown is a bit of a rebel. You can see it in the tattoos on her arms, in the defiant tilt of her chin and the sexy corset she wears.
She’s also a no-bullshit kinda girl and what she gets off on is plopping her fat ass down on her subby’s face and totally dominating him. Watch as her boy toy’s face gets totally lost within her feminine folds and he has to ask permission to breathe. Menoly knows how to treat a man who loves having his face sat on, and you’re sure to get off right along with him!

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